Mein Deutscher Lieblingsspeicher!

If I were from Germany but living in the States, I would LOVE Lehr's German Specialties! Heck, I love this store and I'm not even from Germany. They carry so many specialty items imported direct from the homeland, including magazines, tons of food, beer steins, cuckoo clocks, lederhosen, etc. I ventured in recently and bought a box of Spaetzle and some chocolates shaped like horseshoes.

The candies and sweets aisle is chock full of interesting things, and if you have a craving for black licorice, this place is for you.

Unfortunately, Lehr's doesn't have a website of their own, but I did find a good online store that sells a lot of the same items found at Lehr's.

P.S. Please forgive the German title, as it was generated in the computer and I know it isn't's supposed to say "My Favorite German Store" but when I translated it back into English, it said "My German Favourite Memory". Good enough, I suppose.