As someone who is constantly collecting magazine clippings, newspaper articles, postcards, business cards and other bits of paper, I've found that it's helpful to have a folder where I can toss all my scraps of paper until it comes time to go through it all and either read it, file it, make note of it, or get rid of it.

Today was the day to go through my overflowing folder, (it actually grew to 2 folders in the past couple months) and here are some of the more inspiring clippings I found:

My obsession with giant dahlias continues! In addition to this article, I found a write up in a local magazine that mentions a farm where we can go pick our own giant dahlias later this summer. Can't wait!

Yummy slice of neopolitan cake on a beautiful plate and polka dot background.

Converse ad featuring a painting by our friend Hisham.

This boy was wearing a cute sweater that is going to be the inspiration for my next knitting project. (Sweater for Derek)

Beautiful silkscreened card from Kate.

Postcard from Vik Muniz gallery show. These photos are made up of bits of trash and other detritus that have been arranged to look like classical paintings.

Am I the only one who thought the "before" example in the Martha Stewart Dream Kitchen Contest looked better than the remodeled "after" kitchen?

Interesting photo of lounge chairs and their shadows.