I Still Can't Believe It

We went to motorcycle school this weekend! This isn't something I ever imagined I would do, but somehow Derek convinced me to sign up with him, so we got up at 6 am (!) on Saturday and Sunday and set off to learn how to ride bikes in the parking lot of City College for 5 hours each day. This is the bike I learned on! Thankfully, we will be doing the majority of our riding on a scooter, which is more my speed (and size).

Now we're off to the DMV to get our official M1 licenses. I have so much new terminology in my head after taking this class, including all kinds of crazy acronyms like T-CLOCS and FINE-C, to help remember my "pre-ride checklist" and stuff like that. Not to mention a whole set of new vocabulary pertaining to bikes, like "throttle" and "chassis".