Who Knew?!

That Diet Coke and Mentos are such a unbelievably explosive combination??
Everyone but me, apparently. Which is strange, because back in New York I knew a lot of fashionista folks whose entire diet consisted of those two things. Well, I thank MythBusters for letting me in on that little scientific non-secret. I've become a bit obsessed with the show, but seeing as though it's totally SMART and totally CRAFTY, I guess my love of it should come as no surprise. Plus, they film it here, so I'm always seeing their van tooling around my neighborhood. Well, in the Mentos & Diet Coke episode they kept showing clips of a video where these two guys choreographed their Mentos and Coke explosions in such a wonderfully fun way I thought I'd share it with the 3 other people on the planet who haven't seen it yet. Click here to watch the video and check out their site.