We (Heart) Heath!

This weekend Lauren and I took a trip across the Golden Gate to take the Heath Ceramics factory tour in lovely Sausalito. If you've never been, we HIGHLY recommend making the pilgrimage. In fact, we may have to organize a Curiosity Guild outing in the not-so-distant future so we can partake is some of the workshops they'll be offering in the coming months. In addition to being chock-full of the most beautiful ceramics we've ever seen, the factory and adjoining store are so casually modern and cozy (which isn't easy!) we didn't want to leave. EVER! (There were coffee and muffins laid out for us when we got there for cryin' out loud!) It's such a great example of a time when simplicity, craftsmanship, and quality truly meant something. It's so encouraging to see places like that still exist.

Click here to check out a little slideshow of some of the pictures we took during the factory tour.