Busy bees

Phew! We have been running around all day, dropping off postcards for an upcoming art show that we are installing at the Hardware Store Gallery, the new temporary home for the Red Sweaters Project. The miniature sweaters (over 2500 of them–one for every soldier lost in the war in Iraq) were originally installed in a tree here in San Francisco by Nina Rosenberg, until the city made her take them down in July. Now we are trying to find more venues to house the project for a few months at a time, after our show comes down at the end of October. Please let us know if you can think of anyone (stores, galleries, etc.) who might be interested!

There is more information about the project at redsweaters.org, including patterns for knitting or crocheting your own sweaters to submit. Unfortunately, the number of American casualties in the war has increased by over 1000 since Nina began the project in December of 2005, and we are still in need of more sweaters.