About iPods and New Music...

You would think that after all the problems we've had with our iPod (I had to exchange it for the THIRD time this week after it got stuck with a sad face again- thank god for Apple Care!) we would have learned our lesson and would not be coveting the new iPhone as much as we are... but there is something about a bright and shiny new gadget that makes us want to pull out our credit cards and say "I'll take it!" Fortunately they're not available until June, and we're hoping that our iPhone fever will pass by then.

Derek did go to the MacWorld expo last week to catch a glimpse of this crazy new device, and stood in a crowd of people and 2 security guards ogling it as it rotated under a glass case.

The other gadget he reported back about was this hilarious toilet paper holder/iPod dock, a totally useless and awesome invention. All I can see of the box is some type that says "Enhance your Experience" which is good enough for me!

New gadgetry aside, I am actually quite happy with our newly refurbished iPod and have just finished loading all of our music onto it. Some new stuff that we have been listening to nonstop are:

Sam Prekop's new album, Who's Your New Professor. We love the Sea and Cake, but I think I might like lead singer Sam Prekop's solo stuff even better.

The new Shins album, Wincing the Night Away, has been highly anticipated and is really, really good. D brought home an advance copy from work, and I highly recommend getting it the moment it comes out!

Clare Rojas is one of our favorite artists, and she is also an amazing musician, playing sweet country-tinged songs under the name Peggy Honeywell. Her third album, Green Mountain, is the soundtrack for all my mornings working at the studio.