Card Catalogs

We've had vintage library card catalogs on the brain recently. We love everything about them- the little wooden drawers, the smell of the cards, the nostalgia of something from the past that has all but been replaced by computers. We are still on the hunt for the perfect card catalog to put in our home (preferably dark wood, like the one pictured about which is from the library at Tulane University), and until we find one, we'll continue to be inspired the ones pictured below:

This card catalog and collection of vintage books is from the lobby of one of our favorite brunch places in New York, Public.

A few weeks ago I saw this post about a site where you can type in any information you want to turn into a catalog card. Click here to make your own.

A craft room is a great place for a card catalog. This one, from Bits & Bobbins, looks like a perfect place to store all your... well... bits and bobbins!

An entire card catalog wall from the University of Wisconsin.