This? or This?

Here's a little game Lauren and I like to play when we've got a moment to spare (usually when we're stuck in traffic). It's good old-fashioned "This? or This?", a ridiculous question of zero importance, but whose answer ends up being weirdly revealing about someone's personality. (I should say that normally we try not to judge others, but this can be pretty entertaining). Anyway...I thought it might be fun to try this out here on Smarts & Crafts. It's pretty straightforward, every once in a while I'll demand you choose between "this or this" and you can respond in the comments. Please play along if you're so inclined...

So here we go. We've got two very talented gentlemen, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and David Bowie, the guy from 'Labyrinth'. So who do you choose? Who's your man? And remember, we're not judging by the photo here, or whether one was a snazzier dresser, or even whose music you like better. We judging by who these people are. If you take a moment to think about it, it's actually really hard to choose. But you must. So who's it gonna be?

Okay, now this one is even harder. Good Luck!