Two-Lane Blacktop

We were searching for a movie at the video store the other night, browsing the "new classics" section and hoping to find a '70s gem that we'd never heard of but would fast become one of our favorites. As soon as Derek picked up Two-Lane Blacktop and we recognized both Dennis Wilson and James Taylor on the cover, we knew we had a winner.

Two-Lane Blacktop the story of a cross-country car race, starring the kings of cool, James Taylor as "The Driver" and Dennis Wilson as "The Mechanic". First of all, seeing those two on screen, acting so effortlessly was amazing. Second, the story, the cinematography and the styling were incredible- and after we'd watched the entire film plus all the extras, we found out that Criterion issued their DVD version in 2007, so we're in for even more behind the scenes goodies when we decide to rent that one! I'm not going to give anything away- I'll just leave you with these photos and hopefully you'll check it out for yourself.

Laurie Bird as "The Girl"

Dennis Wilson as "The Mechanic"