The Family of Man

"People! flung wide and far, born into toil, struggle, blood and dreams, among lovers, eaters, drinkers, workers, loafers, fighters, players, gamblers. Here are ironworkers, bridgemen, musicians, sandhogs, miners, builders of huts and skyscrapers, jungle hunters, landlords and the landless, the loved and the unloved, the lonely and abandoned, the brutal and the compassionate–one big family hugging close to the ball of Earth for its life and being." -Carl Sandburg

The Family of Man. "The greatest photographic exhibition of all time." 503 pictures from 68 countries–created by Edward Steichen for The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1955.

How I would have loved to see this exhibit! Someday I will have to make my way to Luxembourg where it is on permanent display.