The last couple months I have been on the hunt for a "signature scent". I'm not normally a huge fan of perfume, but I've been thinking a lot about scent memories recently and I do love having certain fragrances associated with specific people in my mind. Marc Jacobs perfume reminds me of my sister, Jessica McClintock perfume reminds me of my Mom...etc.

Derek and I were at Barney's recently and I spent some time browsing their fragrance selection while he was purchasing some shaving essentials. I left with a little spritz of Le Labo's Ambrette perfume on a sample stick tucked in my purse, and was still enjoying the scent days later. Someday our computers will allow us to send scents to each other like Smell-O-Vision. In the meantime, you'll just have to imagine it...

Well, D surprised me with a small bottle of it yesterday! (Isn't that sweet?)

All ladies should have a signature scent, don't you think?

PS- The Le Labo website is worth a perusal- I've never read a "treatise on olfactory resistance" before! I kind of love it. Oh AND- they hand mix every bottle of fragrance while you wait... then put your name on the bottle's label. Quite special indeed.