A Field Trip to the Delta

Last Sunday we took a drive to the Sacramento River Delta in search of sun, and boy did we find it quick! It's funny how different the weather is once you leave San Francisco. The foggy morning quickly turned into a scorcher of a day as we headed East, and we quickly gave up on the idea of going fruit-picking when we realized we'd forgotten to bring our cooler, and didn't want to return home with a trunk full of hot, cooked fruit.

Instead, we made our way to the town of Locke, an historic town that was settled by Chinese immigrants around 1915. Not a lot of action going on there these days, but we did stop at Al's for a cold drink and explored the mostly abandoned strip and the recently restored visitor's center.

Next stop was Rio Vista, for a late lunch at Foster's Bighorn. We both have very mixed feelings about taxidermy and are vehemently opposed to the sport of hunting, but there's something to be said about a restaurant that displays a collection of over 250 hunting trophies in its bar and dining room. A surreal experience, indeed, and one that shouldn't be missed.