What we've been working on

It's been almost two months since we closed our doors at the shoppe, and it's already starting to feel like a distant memory... Fortunately we are not ones to dwell on the past and make ourselves sad thinking about what we no longer have. Nope, instead we tend to dive head first into new projects, and our upcoming issue of Pop-Up Magazine, a collaboration with McSweeney's (!) and Beck (!!) has been just the thing to keep us busy.

The first issue of Pop-Up was four years ago now, and since then we've grown from a small theater in the Mission to the 2500+ seat Davies Symphony Hall. (Symphony Hall! Every time we go there we are blown away with how grand it is. Seats as far as the eye can see!) After three successful shows there, we've decided to mix it up and try something new. We can't divulge too many details yet, but it's going to be a very different show for us, and collaborating with people who we are huge admirers of has been making the process that much more fun and exciting.

So sign up on Pop-Up's mailing list for updates, head over to McSweeney's and pick up a copy of Beck's Song Reader, and stay glued to your computer screens on April 24th at noon when tickets go on sale.... we definitely want to see you all there!